Why do we use Canadian lobsters?

Have you ever wondered why we use Canadian lobsters for all our dishes?

Short answer… because they are super tasty and delicious.

Long answer…

Whilst lobsters are the 'king of crustaceans', we have made sure we get the finest kings around. Our lobsters are Canadian hard-shell lobsters (Homarus Americanus) and are sourced from the Gulf of Main waters of Maritime Canada, more specifically Nova Scotia. And damn, our Canuck friends sell some darn good lobsters! Their clean, cold waters provide a bountiful harvest and their dedication to quality and freshness goes above and beyond other countries. Also, in an effort to protect and preserves Canada's natural resources, they use advanced techniques to monitor the seabed and lobster population, to ensure it is sustainable and environmentally sound. It’s no wonder why they are the largest exporter of lobsters in the world!

Anyway, that’s quite enough of the scientific stuff.

More importantly, Canadian lobsters have a sweeter yet firmer meat and have bigger claws than their native English counterpart – meaning more of that delicious meat for you to devour! They are also available all year round, whereas the prime time to eat English lobsters is May & June as they are packed full of meat prior to casting their

shells late summer. This means we can serve you deliciously fresh lobster all year round (cue cheers!)

Want to try the best lobster in Nottingham & Beeston for yourself?

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